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      DELLON Co.,Ltd.is a modernized enterprise introducing German advanced engineering plastic technology.Production basis of 2 million tons modification project has been finished,which can develop and produce PA6,PA66,PA46,PBT,PP,ABS,PC,PPO and all kinds of plastic and alloy series materials.They are used widely in such industries as automobile,electron,railway,electrical appliance,communication,electromechanical devices,sport goods,etc.More>>
      Dellon’s vision To make multi-functional plastic for multi-purpose
      Dellon’s outlook on value Innovative, Truth-seeking, Integrity, Mutual Benefit
      Dellon’s spirit Indomitable, Kindness with Severity
      Management concept Team Work, Elaborate Production, Fine Quality, Considerable Service
      Service concept Sincere Communication, Considerable Service
    3. The Company introduced engineering plastic modification technology and related equipment from Germany and established Nanjing Dellon Plastic Alloy Co., Ltd. with production capacity of 10,000 tons in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing after registration.
    4. 2005
    5. Obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality System approval in April.
    6. Flame-retardant nylon obtained USA UL Yellow Card approval in August.
    7. 2006
    8. Ningbo Sales Branch was founded in Ningbo East China Material Market.
    9. The Company’s reinforced PA66 specially used for acid-and-alkali-resistant rail bolts obtained the approval by Construction Section of the Ministry of Railways.More>>
    10. PRODUCTS
      Copyright 2015 Nanjing Dellon Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Tel: 025-52645537 Email: sales@cn-dellon.com Add: No. 300, East Zhening Road, Zhetang Industrial Park, Lishui Development Zone, Nanjing
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